Sunny Barrels is the easiest way to discover craft beers!

After you've completed your 1-minute quiz, we'll pick the right beer for you. We don't stop there, though. Since we've gotten to know you better, we've started making recommendations for beers you might enjoy!

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    See the perfect match!
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    And lists of beers that you might like!

Discovering a Perfect Beer Steps!

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    Beer Matching Quiz

    It's a one-minute quiz that will help us to know you better and find your dream beer!

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    Perfect Match!

    Our recommendation engine compares your responses to the beers available and suggests a beer that is a perfect match for you!

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    You are In Control!

    Always keep in mind that you are in charge! No problem, if you don't believe you'll like our recommendation. You may always browse the beer lists, as well as the categories and breweries, to see what you might like.

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    The more you rate, the better recommendations you get!

    Our engine is continuously running and keeps recommending the finest beer for your preferences. If you rate the beers, our engine will be able to make better beer recommendations because it knows you better.

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    Order and Enjoy the Craft Beers just for you!

    Complete your purchase and enjoy the best craft beers at home, send them as a kind present to friends and family, and keep discovering new and tasty craft beers.

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Discover the Best Craft Beers!

Explore new craft beers to try. Order. Have them delivered right to your front door.

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